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I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost  Songs: Ohia

See I ain’t getting better, I am only getting behind
I am standing on a crossroad trying to make up my mind
I’m trying to remember how it got so late
Why every night pain comes from a different place
Now something’s got to change

I put my foot to the floor to make up for the miles I’ve been losing
See I’m running out of things I didn’t even know I was using
And while you’ve been busy learning how to complain
I’ve been busy learning how to make a change
I made it… almost…. again

"We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe, atomically."
- Neil deGrasse Tyson (via just-l-o-v-e-l-y-darling)

(via moonandtrees)